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Does Absence Make The Heart Grow Fonder?

When you spend much of your spare time with your mate, is it considered withdrawal when you miss your mate when you are separated? Is love an addiction?

This summer has been a catastrophe for me on many aspects. Work completely took over most of my time, which cut into my private life drastically. The time spent working was definitely hindering my love life and my general sanity. I was lucky to see my guy once a week through the summer months. Although we spoke on the phone and chatted on-line, our specialty, I was starting to show the signs of breakdown. Being with him was my only escape from the hell of the summer months working in the hospitality industry, managing a flighty team, cutting chunks from my schedule daily. Without a day off in weeks, and no plans to "escape", my mental state was a balancing act of normal to psycho every step of the tight rope.

With the leaves falling, the school year starting and the summer heat cooling, my days off have returned and my "e…

Relationships and Jigsaw Puzzles - Can You Really Train Yourself To Change?

Over my many years, where men have come and gone, I have always wondered if each and every experience really alters your personality. Recently, I have been seeing a massage therapist for a problem I have with my neck. The tension in my neck muscles, which have knotted up so much I could compete with Superman in a bullet-stopping contest, has created a numbing feeling in my fingertips. All of this is due to stress and over-use of the muscles, being too short for the counter tops at my work in kitchens. The therapist says that if I don't continue to stretch my neck muscles, they will contract back to the shortened tense position, never training the muscle to relax.

If we stretch our personalities, compromising certain characteristics to be compatible with a mate, do we ultimately change into a different person?

At the tender age of 40, I can see the errors of my ways in love...that is regarding the past men in my life. For some reason I can never see the cracks in the road that I chos…


Yes I'm still alive. I'm sure with the billions of people following my blog, the world has stopped since my last submission. ***Silence*** Maybe it has stopped? Wow AMAZING....

Well, I have been busy to say the least. I want to change the format of my blog. No one probably cares about my boring life, so I will save you all from the crap I write. Plus I don't need daily affirmation anymore. My life is guy, good job, happy happy.

New format? I am quite the ranter and raver, so I have decided to use my blog asking questions similar to the fictional character, Carrie Bradshaw, from the TV show Sex and the City.

This way I will have a bit more of a theme...

So, we'll see how that goes for a while...


I Actually Have A Legitimate Hobby! Wow!

Soar With The Eagles....

Okay if you can't soar with them... take pictures of them and share them with the world. The answering machine blinked repeatedly when I sauntered into my apartment after a few drinks with pals at the local pub. I pressed the button, half expecting to hear another irritating marketer selling me some crap. The recording was not a telemarketer, but it was someone who wanted me for something. It was a moderator from the discussion forum I frequent, centered around bald eagles. She had left me an email the other day regarding the pictures I had taken of the eagles in Malkin Bowl, Stanley Park, discussing the possible need for some help. Well, I called her today and was pleasantly surprised to hear that the main people for the site were wondering if I wanted to be a "Content Facilitator or Provider". I would be in charge of the topic about the Stanley Park Eagles, adding recent pict…


FACEBOOK is a fun place to hangout. It kind of appeared one day in my life through a friend, asking me to join. I thought it was harmless, and a better place than myspace. Myspace seemed to be hacked quite frequently and my page was compromised too many times. With FACEBOOK it seemed safer in a way, without my page being infiltrated with spam and such. It was a fun space to play games, send cute little youtube videos, etc. Unfortunately, the tide have turned, as everything does.
In the beginning, before I realized I could change my security setting, I noticed a zillion email updates appearing in my hotmail. Updates telling me if a friend even exhaled or wiped his ass. Quite irritating to wake up in the morning and check my email to see FACEBOOK had taken up a whole page of emails! Then I realized I could change my security settings to not update me on anything. This way I just check my FACEBOOK page for the new things that happened. I can also change what updates I want to see. All thi…

Lazy, Rainy Days and Waiting for the Sun

It's March 25th and raining again. I know Easter and daylight savings time came early but I am getting quite sick of all this cold and wet weather. Spring is here, and yes, we all know the saying "April showers bring May flowers". So let's get on with it! The winter is dragging on and that damn groundhog said spring would arrive early this year. Funny how we all remember what the result was with Wiarton Willie and Punxsutawney Phil on February 2nd. It's ridiculous to believe a large rodent, but for some bizarre human behaviour here in North America, the groundhog tells us when spring will appear.
I'm wondering if all this weird weather is really 'weird' or if it is just me anticipating warmer days ahead. It seems everything is a bit off quilter. The Japanese cherry blossoms are starting to bloom which is always a good sign. The Great Blue Herons are nesting in the Stanley Park Rookery, which is on time. The eagle nests, on-line and local, are empty tho…

Lazy Rainy Days

Spring has sprung! Unfortunately with that comes rain, rain, rain. I am so thankful of the cold weather disappearing but at the same time, trading the deep freeze for a pair of rubber boots still doesn't seem enticing. The day-to-day monotony of grey skies is quite depressing. I wait patiently for the eagles to return to their nests and the dragonflies hovering around my head as I walk around Lost Lagoon.

Why does rain make everyone so lazy? Sitting here with my guy, sipping coffee, glancing out to the cloudy wet day, makes me want to go back to bed. Luckily I have some things to do today so that will get me out of bed. The weather at this time is more of a drain than usual. When we are all fooled by the sunshine one day followed by a grey day, it tends to skew you're energy when you are lacking sunshine!

How to kick the lazy day feeling on a cloudy day? Shopping and eating. Okay, not shopping for anything in particular, wandering around stores browsing can make a couple like us…

Lilypads and Sleepovers

It's been awhile since I have updated my blog page. If you are reading this, don't call the police. I am not a missing person and I have to admit, being kidnapped by a frog isn't as bad as it sounds. I have been having a fantastic 2008 so far and maybe that is why I have left a vacant blog space here. My Frog Prince has been wonderful. He and I have been hanging out on his lilypad, and as the Princess, it isn't so bad. Sure, it's not the beautiful castle that I am accustomed to, in the west end, but it is quite comfortable. Floating around on his pond, catching flies and watching dragonflies, sleeping in the sun on his lilypad is paradise.  Sleeping over on his lilypad is fun too. We are learning more and more about each others habits and routines, which is interesting and amusing at times. The common saying "I don't snore" came up. Haha Sure you don't. At least I admit it. But frog snores are cute and soothing...Funny how it used to annoy me. Anyway…

Happy New Year to Me!

Happy New Year to all the readers out there. Sorry I have been out of order for awhile but I have been a bit busy, which, I suppose, is a good thing. I have decided to venture into a new sub-blog which I will begin soon, if I get around to it. If you want to read that, it will be called, The Misadventures of the Alternate Living Room. Whether I am more or less diligent in writing there is another challenge I must overcome. It will be the stories or day-to-day happenings of my favourite place to be, where I feel comfortable and happy, other than on my own couch, my local pub. And to all you readers who frequent that nameless place...don't worry, I will change all the names to hide your identities. I want to write about it because I think it is a fantastic splice of life, especially through my eyes.

On with the show here, though....

What has happened since my last visit? On-line dating has halted for awhile. Why, you ask? Well, it turned out to be a success! I have met a Prince Charmi…