Singlehood and Online Dating

Well, if you have been reading this blog (as I assume no one does, hence the lack of comments), I have been pretty busy. I apologize immediately for not updating my life for all to see but, as a single woman in her soon depleting 30s, I have some oats to sow. Well, maybe not literally, in a bachelorette kind of way. I am not "popular" as my co-worker states (popular=slut). If you are familiar with my current situation, I have jumped out of my comfort zone and opened myself up to a whole new world of meeting new people. Yes, I have been known to chat on-line, but to people not looking for a date. Just pals with things in common.

In the past months I have been introduced to on-line dating. Although I have only met 4 or 5 people in person, I am talking to numerous people on-line in sites such as Plenty of Fish, Lavalife and the personal ads on Craigslist. If I had only saved the 50 or so emails from all of these sites I could write a book. I can still write a book about all of the men I have met, from sweet and charming to completely sex-driven and single-minded. Unfortunately, I am at odds with this line of men that are knocking down my email address, IM on the sites and msn messenger.

There is the a confusion and plenty innuendo gained and lost when not meeting in person for the first time. I have met guys in person and they can be sweet and wonderful, but then that is it. Whether they aren't attracted (and I know they are unless they are Oscar nominated actors) or whether it is because I don't throw myself at them at once, dropping my clothes on the floor and bedding them in 20 minutes, I am getting a bit frustrated. Yes, I am in total understanding of the on-line immediate hook-up mentality of cyber-dating, but what happened to a good date? What happened to old fashioned courting? Am I becoming old like my parents before me?

I am completely turned off but slightly amused by the men who are so into sex ASAP that when they IM me on Lavalife in the intimate category. I simply write "pic?" and when they send it, I look at it and write "too young" or "no" if I am not interested. In turn, I have gotten some pathetic responses stating I am rude. Well, when you send me a picture of yourself tied to a bed naked, ummmm who's the rude one? I didn't ask for your fetish immediately. Can we chat for a second so I can find out what your thang is before I have to actually see you in action? My God, someone sent me a video of them jerking off, crotch shot only, thank you! It was like watching a car accident!

I have to admit it is becoming a bit fun for me. My problem lies in my own personal security, desires and what I am actually looking for. Am I gonna find it in these sites? I'm not sure but Hell, it is better than the view from my local watering hole. That cesspool of alcoholic losers is wearing thin. I have pals down there but will not date another from the same pond. I have met a fish that has been swimming back and forth from the two connecting ponds, and I may be mistaken but I think he was swimming around me the other night. He is one fish that may not be tainted.

So, I digress. I must admit, I have to choose whether I want to get some of those oats sown before I go and find my mate or just skip it and be with someone whom I get along with really well. I have met a guy who cranks everything in me to the point where I want to drop everything and do anything he says. I have also met a guy who makes me laugh, and we get along chatting everyday, like two peas in a pod. I have met a few others too, but these two are great. If I could put them together into one guy I would be in Heaven.

What do I want? Bad guy, good guy? I don't know....Well continue to read and maybe we both will find out...

On that note, adios for now. Hopefully I'll be back sooner than later.



  1. this is the 3rd time trying to comment on this blog tonite but not sure if it's working. anyway have you tried that 3 men & 3 women complete strangers go out for dinner and see if you can make a connection thing?

  2. nope....but I'll try it if our schedules work (my problem completely!)


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