Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Webcams and the such....

I found this webcam in our recycling/waste area about 3 months ago. I thought that I would have no use for this computer accessory but brought it upstairs to my apartment nonetheless, just to see if it works. After finding the website to download the software for it, I got the camera working. I thought it was a neat gadget with many extras I could fool around with. The most I ever used it for was to take pictures for updating my Facebook profile.

In the past month I have been meeting people online, okay men, and I have been casually been talking to them through the website. If I like them I let them onto my hotmail and, in three cases, I accept calls and meet them for coffee or a drink. Yes, I am safe and make sure I am in a public place with them. In the case with Ray, we had 4 dates and it was fun. We went to dinner, a movie, etc, as you have read in my past blogs.

In the most recent case, the guy I have met has been in conversations with me over hotmail, and he seems really great. Funny, cute, open and, a bit on the sexy side. I definitely like it and the talk can get a bit steamy but all in fun. We make each other laugh and that is really important to me. This morning, after a long fight with the webcam operational problems last night, we chatted on messenger with our webcams on. It was so much fun, I was almost late for work! We were both in our jammies still and we complimented each other on how cute we both were. He was trying to convince me of things which I laughed and told him there is no point if we haven't met in person. When we do, it will definitely be a lot easier as we won't need an ice breaker! And if this thing we are playing around with, after many dates....maybe the cam could be fun...

Now, I admit, kinky, yes, but in the end I am a grown-up. Now parents need to rethink webcams for their kids. I don't even want to imagine what young girls need a webcam for. I know how naive they can be and innocent. The webcam will definitely end that innocence in a second. We have all seen the UTube bits on sexy young girls doing obscene things on webcams. Personally, I think that any parent allowing their child to have a webcam is asking for trouble. Especially if their computer is in their own room. Somehow there has to be a way to monitor the use of webcams with children under 18 years of age. The parents shouldn't let the computer be in a private room and should be able to see what their kids are doing on the computer. Webcams should be placed under lock and key in the house and should have parent supervision when in use.

At my work, the GM and owners have remote access to the computer in the office, no matter where they are. Every parent should think about setting up this with their child's computer...Yes, it is a bit of a "Big Brother" situation, but they are children. If I found out my child was stripping in front of her webcam for some guy on the other end...I have no idea what I would do.

So, if this whole thing with this new guy works out, at least for a bit, I'm into some more fun. I'd much rather he get his ass downtown from Richmond and take me out on a nice walk around the seawall. Feeling his hand in mine is much better than these damn computer keys under my fingertips.

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