Colds. I very rarely get sick. I am very good at staying healthy throughout the fall and winter months, when everyone gets sick. I can bet with all my workmates that I will not get sick when they begin the domino effect of giving each other their colds. Whether my mother let me get really dirty when I was a kid or I am an alien, my immune system is definitely stronger than most. I haven't had the flu since I was about 8 years old. The flu where you are achy, feverish and throwing up. I have had my fair share of colds but I usually get a cold once every 2 or 3 years. Either that or I just don't remember my last cold. I might get a symptom of what could be a cold, but it just goes away. I assume my immune system was fighting a war in my body, during this time and won.

Today is the second day of my cold. It's not so bad but because I am so used to being healthy, it makes me feel crappy. I never believed that a cold is from going out in the cold without a coat on, wet hair, etc. I truly believe it is from you letting your guard down. I believe I have a cold because of my recent dating failure. Well, okay, let's not call it a failure. It was Ray who couldn't handle a relationship. It was not my fault as he assured me tonight via text. I had to contact him as I was still quite tossed about from the sudden 180 degree turn around. I got no details from the text other than "nothing at all about you". With this strange unexplained event in my life, I dropped my guard. I felt sorry for myself and didn't feel so great. What happened the next day after eating a whole bag of cookies and smoking my brains out? I got that sore throat you wake up with when a bug invades your body.

Somehow the soldiers in my immune system were on a union break! Perhaps the bug was in disguise as another cookie, some kind of happy drug to take the sadness out of my mind. During the night there must have been quite a scene of bloodshed in my body, especially in my throat. I can just see those soldiers being ambushed by a continuously mutating super-disguised bug, unable to fight the evil army back from my ever healthy body. No wonder I kept waking up every two hours!

So here I am at home, watching the tube, practically tasting the enormous amount of white blood cells. I have no medicine and will just wait out the war, as Mother Earth does every time us humans decide to beat the hell out of each other. Why the hell do they call this sickness a Cold anyways? Is it because it appears when it is cold out? Whatever! I just want it out of my body now!


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