Love Notes Through Texts...

When I got my first cell phone, I was less than enthusiastic. I had watched people let their phone take over their lives. Everyone seemed to have their cell phones out all the time, interrupting their work, conversations, movies, dinners, etc. I hated hearing the ring of a phone everywhere I went. When my previous job closed their doors, leaving us the false belief that we were moving sites. I wanted to have a working phone while we packed up the restaurant. I also wanted my kitchen staff to be able to contact me about work. I purchased my first cellular phone. It was like a new addition to my family. I was instantly caught up in the immediate connection to people wherever I was. It was a new experience, especially text messaging.

Text messaging is an amazing way of communicating without pressure. I find less pressure to answer questions instantly or think about my choice in words. You can text seemingly provocative messages to a person you have a crush on and feel no real stress over a reaction. You aren't face-to-face, or even voice-to-voice. There is no real pressure at all. You can take your time answering texts you receive.

ow that I am dating a new guy, I find text messaging very handy. It is less expensive for me to text him as his phone is long distance, being a Squamish number. I also love the messages he sends to me. I wonder if he has the same reaction as I do when my phone sends out that special tone set just for him. I instantly grin from ear to ear, and I get mushy inside. He will send me messages like "It's cold out. I want to be warm with you", "Smiles XOX thinking of you", "Did you like your kiss goodbye?", and "Smiles I wish I was there". He will do this at least three times a day. It is so cute. And, of course, I will return the texts with replies of the same sort..."My hand is cold and empty", "It's warm here, come over".I'm sure as our relationship continues these little messages will get even better and more provocative. Hee hee I can't wait.

I have to admit, I am a hypocrite. I always spoke negatively about cellular phones. Now, I am one of those connected people. I have joined the team and I am just as bad as anyone else. I try to keep the texts to myself, the volume of the ringer down or on vibrate, and not play with my phone when I'm bored, but I can't. I left my phone at home one day and I felt like I had lost my wallet. My old phone managed to die a month ago. I accidentally knocked it into the vat of scrambled raw eggs. I was devastated and laughing at the same time. My list of phone numbers are in that phone and it has no SIM card. Well, luckily I saved the numbers but got a new phone. I also have been caught almost walking into traffic, trees, and off sidewalks twisting my ankle, while texting. Pathetic!

With the newest texts I'm getting, I will twist my ankle every time!


  1. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Dating a new guy? I am soooo out of the loop. Send me the scoop!

  2. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Oh.. and that was from Sandy :-)


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