Living the Lead in a Chick Flick

Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan were leads in the best chick flick of the 90's -- When Harry Met Sally -- and I used to think I was living that character of Sally in my 20's. I was in the longest unrequited love relationship with this friend of mine, Mark. We never ended up getting together, and the end of that first chick flick I had a starring role in, didn't end like all the other movies I loved. I did enjoy the unmistakable feeling of being in the lead role of a chick flick. You know, those dramadies made to replace the Walt Disney Prince Charming movies little girls grew up dreaming about. Those chick flick movies were made specifically for those grown up little girls, to show them that there are Prince Charmings in real life, and they don't dress in tights, look like frogs or wake you up from a deep sleep simply by a kiss. If you read or watch those fairy tales as an adult, the stories ring true to many of the stories in Nora Ephron movies. You just have to look deeper into the story.

It's been a week. Seven days. One hundred and sixty-eight hours. About fifty texts and fourteen calls. All of this since I saw Ray last week. Yes, I like the casual distance between us, in our relationship and living spaces, but we are at a point in our dating where, goodnight kisses just aren't "doin' it". On Monday he had planned to meet me after I worked, and we were going to hang out at my apartment (the first time he would have been in my place), drink some wine, play cards and who knows what. Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided this was not a good idea. She made the wind blow so hard that the road from Squamish to Vancouver had two or three road closures.

The suggestive texts continue, back and forth, and it is driving me a bit crazy. Even though I love those great movies, chick flicks, where the sexual tension builds throughout the movie, being "Meg Ryan" or "Sandra Bullock" is driving me a bit insane. I hope when we finally meet up, we won't have to cut through the shyness that happens through meeting face to face, especially with the texts we've been sending. I won't let it happen because I usually give him a big kiss when we first meet, either in his truck, in a parking lot, etc. I do that to cut the shyness, on purpose.

I don't want to be impatient. I want to stretch out this happy feeling for awhile. This is why it is great that he lives in Squamish. I have to admit that I am a bit jealous of where he lives, considering my love for nature. I am especially attracted to bald eagles and he lives right near Brackendale, my ideal weekend winter trip! This is where the local bald eagles go to feed on the returning salmon. Hundreds of eagles gather on the river to feed and I think I would be in awe of it all. On our first date he told me of a time that he saved an eagle from drowning. I just listened probably with my mouth agape, wishing I was not only there but THAT EAGLE being saved by him. He spoke of it like it was nothing really.

So, I guess I will just let this chick flick continue, let my character follow the script of which I never can read the ending. I'm sure we will have many twists in the movie, perhaps I will be like "Julia Roberts" in Step Mom at one point, who knows. Hopefully it will be an original script and not one I already know from my full collection of chick-flicks on VHS. Whatever happens, being the lead is definitely fun.


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