3rd Date Eve.....

Going to the movies. Is this an appropriate date experience? I find that movies are fun with friends or with your long-time mate, which is a friend in the end. I find going to the movies is quit anti-social. You sit in the theater watching the big screen rather than talking to your date. Two hours seems to be a waste of quality time you could be having. I accepted this option for our date tonight because he decided he wanted to take me to a movie and a bite to eat.

Now, of course you can turn the whole movie experience around. Anti-social? No way! He can put his hand on your leg, hold your hand, put his arm around your shoulder, whisper sweet nothings in your ear, kiss your neck, or simply make-out in the back of the theater. I have had my experiences in movie theaters when I was younger. I won't mention what I did once when my boyfriend at the time dropped popcorn in his lap. Let's just say, it took awhile to find it down there. So, as I digress, I do have to say this could be a very touchy-feely date tonight.

I will, obviously fill you in when I get home. Stay tuned....

* * * * * * *

Well, I take back my words. I had a fantastic time! Movies are a good date when you're comfortable with you date. He drove in from Squamish and parked his truck out back of my work. I always worry about parking downtown so using the parking spot out back of the restaurant is handy. I met him outside and immediately walked up to him, as he sat in the driver's seat, and gave him a big kiss. He was very pleased at the greeting. He secured his truck and we walked through the restaurant. On the way he met Sabine, the 6 year old that is a regular fixture in our work place. She's a bit of a handful, but she loves me. She was a bit shy around Ray and when I gave her a hug goodbye she wouldn't let go. It was cute.

On Davie Street he instantly grabbed my hand and we walked hand-in-hand down the street. I was comfortable and happy right away. His big strong hand enveloping mine made me feel at ease. We wandered the downtown streets, as I pointed out landmarks and such, feeling like a tour guide. I am really, as he doesn't spend anytime in "the City". We wandered down to Gastown and then I surprised him by taking him through the ugly part of the city...the downtown Eastside. I jokingly said I needed to pick up my heroine and crack, as he looked around at the local homeless and drug-infested streeters. As we continued on, he marvelled at the way the city changes instantly block to block, as we approached the Chinese gardens. This is where he stopped me, spun me around and kissed me. He put his huge arms around me and held me for awhile and I melted in his warmth.

We decided to hunt some food down, so I took him to Jester's, where I have been, and knew it wouldn't be expensive. I knew he was paying and I didn't want to empty his wallet for me. We ordered a bottle of Oyster Bay Chardonnay and some sandwiches. While we waited he held my hand across the table, while we talked about his sons' great "sports day" they had on Sunday. I didn't even notice my food, a strawberry, brie and smoked turkey sandwich, while we relaxed by the fireplace.

Back out in the street he insisted I have a cigarette, as he found out I smoked on our last date, and kept stating it wouldn't bother him. He said it would be surprising if I didn't have any vices, and I would be too perfect. I giggled like a little girl telling him he was so corny but so cute and kissed him on the cheek. Then we went to pick up the movie tickets, but he stopped to get some vanilla cigarillos, which he bought to make me feel less uneasy smoking while he was there. I don't like smoking with non-smokers out of regret, guilt or embarrassment, and I never enjoy my smoke even if they say "It's okay...go ahead". He said he has them once in awhile, so now he and I can have a smoke together. When we got the tickets, the movie I wanted to see wasn't playing at night, as it said on the website earlier today. I had to make a quick decision on an alternate movie. I chose the movie, The Darjeeling Limited, a quirky movie suggested by my GM from work earlier. I tend to like movies like this as it brings out better conversation after the movie.

As the movie didn't start until 8pm, we went outside again and he bought us vanilla lattes. We sat outside of Starbucks, and he insisted I "enjoy" a smoke with him. We talked some more and then noticed it was after 8pm after more conversation. We rushed up to the theater and he instantly was surprised and excited about the lazyboy seating! He was so happy about the whole theater, a perfect reaction to make the movie great. Once we settled in, he put his hand on my thigh, while I had my forearm wrapped around his arm. Throughout the movie he kept rubbing my leg with his strong hand. It felt right. Comfortable and just....right. No making out, a few kisses here and there, but just the right attention to resolve the anti-social part of sitting in a dark theater for two hours.

When the movie was over, we walked back to the truck, strolling down the Granville Entertainment Zone, as I pointed out the clubs and bars lined up down Granville Street, describing the drunken chaos it is on the weekend. When we got to my work, we wandered through the restaurant, and both had a smoke out back. Then he kissed me again and held me in his arms for a very longtime. I told him he was like a big teddy bear, and he asked if that was good...I said YES!!!! He drove me home, and we parked in the driveway. Then we kissed for quite awhile. He is a perfect gentleman, and a wonderful kisser. Wow, when I finally hopped out of his truck, I was all mushy and giddy inside, smiling from ear-to-ear.

So, a movie IS a great choice for a 3rd date, especially if it is with a guy like Ray.


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