Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Is This Another Run On The Rollercoaster?

I woke up today, ready to change my life. My plan today was to change my apartment around to remove the memories of my past months. I opened my eyes to a bit of a hangover. Wine and beer is not a good mix. Eating is important, too. Well, I'm sure the monthly visitor had her way with my state, too. My loneliness has been forgotten lately with the new addition of some new people in my life. I was happy to see the emails and messages from both of them this morning. Even happier to talk to them both today. I will meet one this week at Checkers for drinks. Both seem really nice and it's fun meeting new guys.

After a long bout of reorganizing, my apartment is changed around. Sad to have no window view for my computer but the apartment is better. I have a dinner table now....if I ever use it to eat on it!

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