Halloween is Here...

Here I sit at my computer as I listen to the pops and bangs of the local teens blowing up the neighbourhood. It must be Halloween. I used to be really big on this annual event but the last two years have snuck up on me when it comes to costumes. I usually prefer the grotesque for costumes, utilizing liquid latex for almost everything. I have made scars, bullet hole wounds, gashes, peeling skin and the such with the stuff. It is very important to go to a good theatrical makeup store to buy the good stuff. That and good blood. I won a 40G iPod one year and all I spent was $20 on liquid latex, fake blood, fake flies and mice. As you can see from the picture I was pretty messy.

I had a bit of a rough sleep night the past two nights, where I was waking up every two or three hours. I haven't had much decent sleep so tonight is not gonna happen. I came up with no costume other than placing the letters P and Q (many of each) on my forehead. That's it! What am I? Minding my Ps and Qs...LOL! Well, tonight isn't really the actual day so I may still do it...We'll see.

Instead I am relaxing. I do have a date tomorrow night so I might as well stay in and stay out of trouble tonight. Everyone else is getting into it and I feel a bit jealous but at the same time, I want to be fresh tomorrow. I am meeting a guy I met on-line, so I don't want to be tired. He seems nice and I am quite excited to meet him. We talked a bit on the phone a few days ago. We had some good laughs so it seemed appropriate that we meet. I will be meeting him at Checkers, so I guess I will be a bit on show. He suggested it as he knew I work downtown and it would be easier for me after work and all. He seems okay with meeting at my "local", so that's a good sign.

On Monday I have another date with a different guy. This one I have been talking to quite extensively for the past two weeks, either on-line or on the phone. We get along really well and I am more excited about that date than the previous. He is always asking me if it is okay that he lives in Squamish and that he has kids. At first I was disappointed at the distance but I began to think that it is probably good. I am also not worried about his having kids as I would expect that from anyone my age.

So things are looking up in my life. Everyone continues to tell me I will do fine but I have to experience it for myself. And LOOK, I'm doing just that! :)


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