Blind Date Eve...

So I decided to go on a blind date on Friday. Being a bit lonely now I casually signed up for a singles site and after a few days this guy contacted me through it. We exchanged hotmail addys and talked for about 2 hours earlier this week. At first I was a bit leery about the whole thing, not really knowing who he is and wondering if I was getting in over my head. Then I thought, baby steps....will never get me anywhere! We have fun conversation and why not? No pressure just drinks at Earl's and then he said if I feel okay with it we can go for dinner at this new restaurant that he did some work for, which they had invited him to try out for free. Cheap yeah but if we hate it we don't pay anyways! Look at Jen jumping outside of the box!!!! Are y'all proud of me?

We'll see what happens.....I'll fill yah in after the date!


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