Sunday, October 1, 2006

Mr. Murphy, Are You Trying To Seduce Me?

So Murphy's Law states that "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong."I believe it. Over the past week I have had too many staff members call in to get the night (s) off due to "Acts of God" (or Murphy).In one week, 5 incidents have happened with my staff, which, when you have only 6 staff members, creates quite a schedule problem. In turn, I am the one that must fill the void in the schedule where I already have full-time shifts.

The first incident happened last Saturday where my tallest cook smashed his head on the door hinge hanging from the top of the door frame. He almost took his head off and it resulted in him having a concussion; symptoms of double-vision, nausea, slurred speech occurred almost immediately. Off to the hospital he went and he had a CAT scan which showed the injury and the imminent 3 days off.

The second cook, on the same day, accidentally ingested eggs (in mayo in a sandwich) which resulted in severe symptoms of contracting muscles of the throat and hospitalization. She also needed 3 days off.

The third cook, who has been dealing with her wisdom teeth growing in, finally couldn't take the pain and called in, saying she was on her way to see an emergency dentist. 3 days off for her. On her first day back she came to work with a swollen hand ( a drunken' ninja accident) and called in the following day whilst getting x-rays. Her hand is not broken but she needs 3 more days off.

Finally, the cook with the allergy to eggs, texted me today informing me that her girlfriend came out to her parents last night and they were not impressed. She needs to be with her rather than work because she is "Suicidal?". This incident is a priority choice and I guess if you love a person who can't handle a reaction of disappointment from your parents when you are all grown-up, well, I'm sorry your priorities are a bit wonky.

So I have been filling shifts all week and have done a 16 hour shift in one occasion. Tonite I am the only cook available and am filling in for "swollen hand girl". I am the only person working and should be pretty busy. I am quite sick of doing all of this and can't fire anyone because they wouldn't I would be left with no one. I have planned 4 days off soon and am pretty much sure that this will not happen either. Mr. Murphy if you have a gun, please just kill me. Chances are you would fire it and give me brain damage but not kill me.

Do you know Karma? Ask her if I deserve all of this bad karma? I doubt it. Between the two of you, you are killing me!


  1. Have you thought of changing your career??? : )


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