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Mr. Murphy, Are You Trying To Seduce Me?

So Murphy's Law states that "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong."I believe it. Over the past week I have had too many staff members call in to get the night (s) off due to "Acts of God" (or Murphy).In one week, 5 incidents have happened with my staff, which, when you have only 6 staff members, creates quite a schedule problem. In turn, I am the one that must fill the void in the schedule where I already have full-time shifts.

The first incident happened last Saturday where my tallest cook smashed his head on the door hinge hanging from the top of the door frame. He almost took his head off and it resulted in him having a concussion; symptoms of double-vision, nausea, slurred speech occurred almost immediately. Off to the hospital he went and he had a CAT scan which showed the injury and the imminent 3 days off.

The second cook, on the same day, accidentally ingested eggs (in mayo in a sandwich) which resulted in severe symptoms of contracting muscles of th…


I can't believe it's October already! What happened to summer? I guess when you work everyday you miss it!
Well, nothin' much to talk about here in my life....The Vikings still suck and my team, Green Bay, still sucks, too! The Canucks are struggling in their pre-season games but I guess that doesn't count so....
Caveman is still on my mind while my brain begins to change to desires to have kids....My friend is due in 7 weeks and I am kinda jealous....I think I may have to make a drastic decision soon....