Vacation...from blogging....

Where the hell have I been? Why have I deserted this little snippet of the world wide web? Well, I have a life and sometimes, blogging just gets in the way. It is my day off and I got up early to have time to do many things, including updating this damn space which I promised to update daily........or not.

Since I last blogged many things have happened. Let's begin with work. Well, the Chef, who hired me, was let go, which put me in quite a weird dilemma. If you do remember, the Sous Chef was driving me crazy, with his abnormal obsession with cleanliness and unhappiness. He gave his notice and was pretty content with his decision. Unfortunately, the Chef decided that coming in to work was optional, and he was let go. Many reasons for the firing but the Sous Chef was asked to stay as the Chef and I really began to think about leaving. Funny thing is, he became the nicest guy in the whole world after the work shuffle. Before he had nothing to say to me and now he and I are like two peas in a pod. Anyways, work is good, boring at times, but summer is here (pretty much) and business is picking up. I've finally graduated to alternating closing shifts.

Peter has had some devastating news recently. His brother called and told us his Dad has just been diagnosed with cancer. He took him to the hospital but is angry for telling him he should have check in way earlier. He has dropped down to 130 lbs in no time and is no well, according to Peters brother. Additionally, when he phones home, Vancouver Island, his Mom acts as if nothing really is happening. This is all like deja vu to me, as my Mom passed away from cancer two and a half years ago. She didn't see a doctor until it was too late and it caught up on her after a long two year fight. I can say that those feelings of anxiousness have returned when the phone rings late, and soon it will be anytime. Hopefully Peter can talk some sense into his Dad on his visit to the island this week. I know that, with my past experience, I can help him as much as possible emotionally.

On another note, I have a feeling he has known his Dad was sick for weeks from his unusual spending/drinking habits. Too months in a row, he has bounced cheques for rent, and even though I am making less money than him, I seem to be carrying this relationship financially. It's putting a bit of a damper on having fun, especially when I am constantly using my credit to cover shortages of money in my account. Yes, my iPod was a nice present but now he owes me $300 from the last bounced cheque, which was the cost of the iPod. Errrrr.

My credit has also been dinged to cover the veterinarian costs for my cat Sebastian, who is becoming my very expensive pet. His meds and prescription food, on top of the blood tests, also cost a bit of money. He's now not on daily pills as the dosage was escaping his body somehow and not working. Now he has a topical ointment I have to put in his ear daily. The prescription food is not making him happy and now he's decided to rebel by shitting in the front hallway every day. The mess is driving me crazy as is the smell and clean up, but how do you tell a cat to stop leaving the smelly pile on the carpet when he does it when you are out? Auggggggh.

I went to see the eagle nest in Stanley Park today and was happy to see two eaglets popping their heads up and down in the nest. They stretched their wings a bit and Mom sat over head protecting them from the crows doing some aerial divebombing displays, equal to the planes at an airshow. Relaxing in the sunshine while watching this nest was quite relaxing.

After only 4 hours of sleep last night, it's time to nap before meeting up with my friend for a bit of beer and jager. Hopefully I'll be a bit more alert after waking up early and getting my shaggy hair chopped down to it's normal length, a perky pixie cut.

Anyways, I hope I can write more regularly again.....


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