Here Comes the Sun.....

Man I slept too long today. I went to bed pretty late though. The side effects of working night shifts. Anyways, I woke up this afternoon (LOL) and the sun was trying to peak out from the cloud overcast. I wonder if this is a sign of things to come.

Things are looking a bit more up at work, although for my new Chef, probably not. He hasn't had a day off in forever, and I know how he feels. At my previous job I was in charge and did 25 days in a row but some of those were much longer shifts, and definitely much busier. Well, the bar manager spoke to me and said that there has to be some way to get him a day off. His mood is getting more desperate and he is snapping a lot. I looked over the schedule and found a day on Tuesday I could do for him. A DAY SHIFT! I left him a note and hopefully he will accept the suggestion, and he can leave me a list of stuff I need to do. The only real worry I have is the World Cup Football matches happening at 9am (France vs Switzerland) and 12pm (Brazil vs Croatia). I would feel better if the teams were less popular, like Angola or Togo. Hopefully, I don't get too slammed with breakfast orders and orders coming in.

Speaking of looking up, this is my chance to prove my skills. Perhaps this chance will allow me to see what I can do to make suggestions on the schedule. We are definitely not really in need of two people until 11pm on Thursday nights. Yes, a slam may come from out of the blue, but that is not a regular event. Darn, then you have to clean up the mess afterwards and actually make 8 hours in your shift. The new guy from Australia is awesome. He will pick it all up in seconds (like me) and that is great. Now we need 2 more people part-time to fill in the gaps. Or one full-time and one part-time. Anyways, this glimpse of sunshine makes me think everything will be alright soon.

Sebby has not changed his routine in the hallway but hopefully, following the instructions from a website on deterring him without discipline, will help. It's not so bad laying out the newspapers. At least I'm not cleaning the damn carpet everyday. His Science Diet food I got yesterday to mix with his Prescription Diet (both the same brand) is doing wonders for his appetite. He is eating much more. I've always wondered why companies sell food that is so bad for pets, for example Fancy Feast. It's like feeding your child doughnuts everyday. If Hills Cat Food makes Prescription Diet I assume their Science Diet is similar but less clinical in ingredients. I compared the nutrients contents of both and they are very close, so I am mixing in the prescription food to get him a bit bulked up, if that is possible. He's still skin and bones.

Well, I have to go now.

Go Oilers Go. Game Three.


  1. Hi... I found your blog, quite weirdly, from Google Image Search. I'm looking to make a cloud/sun/sunrise-styled header for my own blog, and I really like the first image in this post. Do you mind if I use it - or a part of it - in my blog header? I will of course give credits.
    Please reply in your comment space(I've subscribed to comments) or email. Thanks!


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