Where Have I Gone?

Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile. I feel bad but I've been busy. I have been working and working and working but finally I have time.

So yesterday my cat, Sebastian, went on a journey to the veterinarian. He
has hyperthyroidism and his Tapazol hasn't been doing it's job. He hasn't been well for a while. Thirsty all the time, diahrrea constantly. I feel like we are living in a petting zoo with the smell all the time. Just disgusting. Well, it was because he won't eat his pill, no matter what I do to disguise it.

The adventure was the long journey to Kits from downtown, by foot, to the vet clinic. I packed Sebby in his new carry case, a red cat carrier that looks like a gym bag with mesh openings, etc. We left at 12:15pm and hiked down to the False Creek Ferries and jumped on the ferry to the Maritime Museum. He was quiet the whole way and calm. Weird because be able to see all the dogs on the beach and the water, may have made him go uggy-buggy. Nope, Sebby was quite the brave traveller.

Got to the vet at 1pm. At the vet he was weighed and found to be 3 pounds lighter than before,
only at 7.5 pounds now. He's lighter than Princess, our other cat (the runt of the litter). Sebastian used to be 15lbs! Well, the disease is taking a toll on his weight and overall health. He had his blood tested and a new topical medication was administered. I am supposed to put it on once a day, in his ear. I tried this morning and he struggled as he does with anything new. He is way hungrier now, but he isn't allowed anymore Fancy Feast or Friskies. Too bad for all those cats when they get older.... I have to try out many different kinds of food for him that is prescription only. I guess both cats will be on prescription food from now on. At least Princess won't be eating Sebby's medicated food (crushed Tapazol pill in it).

In the end , the journey was successful. I saved about $20 on cab fare and only paid $5 for the ferry. His medication seems to be working so far and hopefully our apartment will begin to smell better. The cost of the visit? $197. The total cost of the previous visits and food? $600. Man this cat is like having a baby. Hmmmmmm I can't afford both. LOL


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