Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Things I Love...

There a certain number of things I must have. If I don't have them I don't necessarily miss them but when I get them back, I LOVE THEM!

Genmai-Cha Brown Rice Green Tea

I love this tea because it is the stuff they bring you at sushi. It cures any of my ailments, whether physically curing me with it's antioxidents, or mentally, comforting me and my tummy. No other green tea will do for me. There is a specific taste of the brown rice that changes it drastically from the regular old green tea.


This is my favourite snack food, ever. Again, very comforting to me, and healthy. Salty and sweet all at once. I must have a bag of these soy beans in my freezer at all times. There is no mess after boiling them. Simple and good.


Yes, there must be a form of alcohol on the list. This is the only liquor I like as a shot now. After all the different shots I've had, tequilla being the worst experience, I am pretty content with "Mr. Meister". Although unforgiving at times, Jager is known for it's special blend, and is supposed to do wonders for the tummy. Do not abuse "Mr. Meister" as he will take hostages, although, he can surprise you also by leaving you off the hostage list for no apparent reason.


Mmmmmmm. This is a particular cut of meat I cannot pass up. It is like velvet on the palette. I know it's bad for you with all the marbling of fat, but that's what makes it so good. You don't even need a steak knife with this steak. Deliscious.


When I go out for sushi, I am always overjoyed by a restaurant that has big thick slabs of sashimi. I like tuna, but I have now just changed to wild salmon as my favourite. Some people can't eat raw fish, especially, big honkin' pieces, but I love it. With wasabi and soy sauce. Heaven.


If I'm going shopping, looking for a specific item of clothing or just looking, I have to go to Winners. I will always find something there. It may take a very long time, searching each and every rack, but I have rarely left the store empty handed. Most of my favourite pieces of my wardrobe are from there, and the compliments are endless. "You Have To Go".


When I won my first iPod, I didn't really have any need for it. I wanted to win the competition, not necessarily for the prize. Once I began using it, I quickly found out why everyone has gone crazy over these things. When my iPod 20GB was stolen about 4 months ago, I was disappointed but didn't miss it much, since I didn't pay for it or had it for very long. On my birthday, my boyfriend bought me an iPod nano. I am so happy with the mini version of my original, I would die if it got stolen.

I think that's it for now.....I'm sure I'll think of more to add...stay tuned...

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