Spring Cleaning....kinda....

I woke up this morning (afternoon) in the middle of our pigsty that we have created. Yes, we have two cats, and yes, we both work nights, but that is no excuse for the state our apartment is in. I have been laid up on the couch for a day and a half, and my hip still kills, but I had to get up and do some cleaning. It was pretty disgusting. Well, my significant other felt guilty, and I knew if I started he would help, and actually helped. He took all the garbage out, vacuumed, and ...well I think that is it other than picking up his clothes. I got to get the dishes done, the bedroom done and kitchen floor. My favourite thing is the patio which we can now go out on and sit in the sun before work. Nice!

It's hard to get out of bed and clean in the day. Especially when you work nights. It's not like we want to vacuum at 4am but late night cleaning is no fun. You see when you work at night it is hard to have a normal day. Most people wake up and go to work, picking up a coffee on the way . Then they come home and do the housework. Well, we get up at noon and wait to go to work--play on the computer, eat, watch tv, do housework, etc--and then go to work. So the day is kinda backwards. The other day my sleep pattern was screwed up because Crow-lapalooaza was going on outside our apartment at 7:30am! Arial displays and everything along with the usual cacaphony of crow conversations. People were even stopping to look up in the tree to see if there was a cat or an eagle in there trying to steal a baby crow from a nest!

I'm still in pain but hopefully I will get better soon. This pain is kind of unbearable. I walk around like Igor. I don't want to get addicted to Advil, although it's not doing much for me. I assume the strain will decrease with time although, I have a hard time resting on it. Oh well, I guess I have to admit age is catching up on me....

Well, that's it for today.....perhaps something more will happen after work... I have to work on my day off to help the other cook. Edmonton plays tonight and we will be busy. There's nothing like seeing him look like a deer in the headlights when more than three orders come in...


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