Friday, May 26, 2006

Picking Up Strays....

So, yesterday, I meet my boyfriend at Checkers after work. I am quite used to walking in and seeing him in a deep conversation with someone. I sat down next to him and he didn't even react, understandably because the person was in some very serious conversation. After 5 minutes of this I tap him and he says hello but goes back to the conversation. It's okay because I know Peter to pick up a few strays; he is too nice.

Finally, after I have conversations with other people, filling my time, the woman leaves and Peter wipes his brow as if she was holding him hostage. He explains that she had just lost a pet from sickness and that he sympathized with her. Fine. He was making her feel better as she vented. Then, as I come back from a smoke and a conversation with an old friend, another new STRAY is in my seat. This is a native woman who was staying at the hotel Peter works at. Well, she was quite drunk yet able to carry on a conversation. She was asking about where the casinos were. She was from the Kootneys, which surprised me to see Peter had no idea where that was. She from Creston (Kokanee Counrty) and here on a First Nations Conference and she did not know where Vancouver Island was. After long discussions on geography, Peter decided to volunteer us to walk her back to the hotel (Wha?). So off we went.

Deloris, her name, discovered a disposable camera in her pocket not used up, so we had to pose for pictures. Also a bottle of Sambuca was in her pocket which needed finishing, as her sister in her room does not drink. Well Peter thought that helping her finish off the bottle in the alley was the number one description of being a GOOD HOST of the city. By golly, why don't we give him a medal. After lots of wondering around the gardens at the hotel and photos later, we wandered back to get her to her room. I was sober and they were drunk (they wiped out somewhere along the way).

I take the Ambassodor of Vancouver medal away for this feat by Peter. The Sambucca fuming on his breath, he decided to jump on the windshield of a car parked with its alarm going. I don't think he realized that there was a person in the car, and as I was scolding him and we were walking away she jumped out and yelled at him. I told him that if she called the cops I would not stop them from putting him in the drunk tank. Also, if he gets in trouble for wandering around the hotel with a drunk guest (he being drunk too), not to be surprised!!!!

Do not pick up strays!!!!

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