Monday, May 8, 2006

A Night to Enjoy....

A day from hell at work turned to a good late night drinking with friends. I went to work, Monster in hand, expecting hell and I got it. I was the only cook on board of the Edmonton train and I served everyone in the dining coach. I wish the management would realize we need more staff. Funny how Monster Assault makes you drop things. I don't think that drink could ever sponser the military, with all the soldiers dropping their weapons from guarana and taurine overload shakes.

After the longest clean-up, I wandered down to the ole drinking hole to meet up with the boyfriend, 6 pints in him already, and other good pals. The old agro sex addict was there too, trying to talk to me. I generally ignored her, but if I had a few rye and cokes in me, I would have punched her out. Errrr nympho. Well we ended up being invited to drinks with our friend who owns a restaurant and invites people there for late night convo and drinks. Fun times and loads of conversations. Now the sun is rising over the horizon and thank God I work at 6pm. My better half works at 1:30pm and he had 12 pints tonight. Hangover? We'll see.

I hope to fight the wind storm we are experiencing to get more pics of the eagles if I wake up before 2pm. I don't know if I love 6pm starts or hate them but right now I love them :)

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