A New Sport Discovered At The Gay Sports Bar I Work At...

I went to work today at the gay-friendly sports bar thinking there was nothing on the tv tonight to make the night hellish. Well, to my surprise, at 8pm we began to fill up and I was clueless as to what the event was. Apparently I'm out of the loop, whether this is because I am not gay or haven't set my clock to the big event is questionable, but anyways, Will & Grace - the last episode EVER, was on. I wasn't quite sure if this was an appropriate venue, although I did watch the Seinfeld last episode in a sports bar (I went to watch a hockey game) where there were prizes and trivia. I thought this was a bit strange, but the community thought that it was important to gather together, all the Will and Jack-wannabes and their cohort-wannabes, and cry and laugh the last episode away. I understand that the show was a phenomenon, with there being a gay main character, but to waste an enormous part of their lives on fictional characters is beyond me. I say this, after having wasted enormous amounts of time and money on Star Wars, but I would not be found in a sports venue discussing my nerdiness with other openly nerdy Star Wars fans. I would have thought a nice cozy apartment and a martini bar was called for---Karen would have. Well, they laughed on queue and it sounded like a laugh track from the sitcoms of the 70,s shows from past. I was quite awed by the whole thing.

I did experience bad Karma tonight. I was texting a friend about the whole event, making a bit of fun of the gathering, when the chicken strips I had just cooked and sent out, were brought back. They were not cooked fully and they were the owner's. Ooooops. With the 4 extra strength advils, the heat in the kitchen, the whole confusion of the gathering and my boredom with yet another closing shift, I was expecting and not even caring if I got the obligatory euphamism of Donald Trump. Luckily I still have a job (so far), and the night went on.

While I was on my break eating dinner, I was torn between watching my cook look like Rudolf in front of a semi with 4 bills or watch the episode on the tube. I think my little friend from Ontario has been taking advantage of BC's largest export and lost a few braincells on the way. He looked like he was gonna die with the 4 bills he had, so I finished up quick to get out of the the commotion of the sitcom world, which I never really liked anyways.

After work I was surprised by 3 of my old friends and staff from my old job, as they joined us for drinks at the ole watering hole. We reminisced about old times and talked about whether or not we'll ever be happy in our new worlds. It was nice seeing familiar faces again feeling like I was at home.

When I got home, I spent a few minutes laughing at our cats as a huge moth decided it was a good idea to come inside and flutter around the dining room/computer room light. Both cats were running around like maniacs trying to reach the damn thing until my boyfriend caught it. Talk about an easy meal. My cat ate the poor helpless moth in a second as the other looked on jealously hoping for another bug to come her way.

Unfortunately, while I was typing away at this blog, it vanished and I had to start all over again. It's too bad because it was much funnier and now it's 4:43am and my mind is mush. Oh well, your loss I guess. :)


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