Monday, May 1, 2006

My Birthday is Coming Up and I Woke Up To This...

Many people look at me and say that I look about 10 years younger than my real age. Well, after waking up this morning, fuzzy brained again (thanks Mr. Meister), I saw this little present on my face!. No wonder people think I look young. I'm still getting ZITS! My birthday is coming up, (I'll be 38) and this is the present I get? A little reminder of my adolescence. Great.

Some bad news today on the Eagle of the eggs is gone. Probably the first egg that is way past it's due date. It will be sad to see those eagles if the other egg is not viable. I guess they will just fly off. It seems like they are trying really hard to hatch the other egg but I can kinda tell it isn't gonna work. The mom just got up and started squawking and there was only one egg in the nest. The site is so over loaded, it's hard to get a good viewing of it without hiccups. I have to keep reloading it to stop the problems. The lone egg looked like it had a possible head popping out of it but the pixelations, when I enlarge the frame to full screen, messes up the picture. Anyways , we all sit and wait. Let's hope for an eaglet soon.

Yesterday was the first time I was about to tell my sous chef to go fuck himself (excuse my french). He has got a real problem and I am sick of being blamed for things I don't do. I told him to his face that some of these things he is being picky about, are trivial and small. Also I said that maybe the restaurant should put some responsibility on the manager on duty because I can't watch everyone when I am not there. I was off at midnight and stuff happened after. Anyways, I said I can't do it when I'm not there. In return he called a staff meeting and I said "Good cause I have loads to say". For example, why is it that his prep is never done and left to me? And then he bitches about some bloody bottles not filled for the next day? If I wasn't left doing his work I'd have time to do mine. JACKASS. And now I close every night this week! I don't get out until the bitter end. Errrrrrrrrrrr.

The question today is....will Detroit come back and beat Edmonton? I hope so because my friend is a fan of the Red Wings and I like to bug him about it. I also don't want the Oilers to win because they knocked us out of the playoffs--well the Canucks did it to themselves...Anyways, I hope Detroit kicks Edmonton's ass.

Well, that's it for today. See yah tomorrow.

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