Last Day for the Eagles...

Woke up this morning to see if there was any movement or interesting actions in the nest today but the website has been discontinued. A bit sudden and it was like sudden closure. Anyways I got a parting shot of the father eagle from the forum.

There is a new website with a new eagles' nest coming today. They are setting it up as we speak and it has eaglets in the nest. Exciting.

Going out before work today to walk around so I don't get tired at work. I work at 6pm and it's hard to get going after being awake for 6 hours already.
* * * * *
I quick trip to the seawall proved to be quite successful. I brought a pair of binoculars and off I went to quickly meet up with two soaring eagles over Sunset Beach by the Burrard Street bridge. I kept going around English Bay and Lost Lagoon to see a raccoon and many turtles.
The prize was a bald eagles nest above Malkin Bowl, in a gnarly spiral-branched fir tree. The father eagle was perched beside the nest, being dive-bombed by a crow. He called to his mate who was close but I couldn't see her. I sat on the grass and watched in amazement of just how majestic these birds of prey really are. The communication between the two filled the emptiness I have from the two parentless birds on Hornby Island.
The best part is, I can go down everyday before work to watch and take pictures (they are that close) before work! WOOT


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