Monday, May 22, 2006

I See Crazy People....

Today, I decided to peruse the Star Wars Chat thread I frequent so often and found myself in a quiry. Why is it so important to have a high post count, or better yet , to see your name (SN) everywhere. You see, with chat threads on these boards, it is about chatting. Talking about nothing really, but communicating and having fun. I joined in to a thread, not the usual Downtime thread, and found a go getter needing to bump the thread to gain posts to get the thread blocked for the beginning of a new page. You see, when the thread gets to 8000 posts, it gets a bit slow and a new one begins, BUT only if the moderator, GOD BLESS MASTER MIKE AND DARK MOOSE, give the authority to do so. Well, this poster spent most of the time "chatting" about changing the title of the chat thread and goading people into posting lots to reech the limit. Better yet, he tried to start a new page WAY before needed in hopes to change the name, and most likely, to gain the title of originator of the thread.

Now I am pretty new myself, a year in, but chat threads are solely for "chatting" not ownership and entitlement. No matter what the title is on Downtime, we all know where the hell we are and that we are chatting. We are not guided by fancy crap titles to coax us in, or by post count. We are relaxed, us DT'ers, and there is no need to sell the thread. I tried to tell this fellow "chatter" this and he seemed perterbed by the whole thing. But after calm discussion, for avoiding the rath of Moose, I just stopped typing and avoided the poster all together. Best of all, other older more experienced posters questioned the new unauthorized thread origin and are still "chatting" about it now. *EDIT* But now I have just chatted with him and feel better so I have no ill will towards him at all. Man, I have got to get control of this ranting LOL Hi Darth Raven (if you read this)...Sorry for the rant :).

On another topic, my Chef was fired today, leaving me with the anal former Sous Chef in charge. He has been much better lately and I have a bit of an ease about the transition. My job will definitely have more defined boundries than before....Hopefully all will work out.

NACHOS.........still the bain of my existence. I hate them and always will. I think I will never order a nachos for the rest of my life!!!! "I slowly die inside" was my quote when I was making them tonight. I HATE MAKING NACHOS! Nachos to asians are what California Rolls are to asians.....I'm sure everytime I order them they get the same feeling...

Medicated people today. I was in a discussion at Checkers about how too many people are medicated for issues that are easily solved by fresh air and exercise. Okay, a bit extreme, but, I am no Tom Cruise. I have noticed in the last 10 years of working in the hospitality industry, that more and more people are medicated for this and that. A big one is bipolarism. But another and up and coming to top the list---depression. Now, I have to say, there are people who need these prescriptive drugs, but man, not everyone! Come on, when I was unemployed, I took 3 depression tests from good hospitals on-line, and I was borderline depressed and needing medication. What ever happened to getting up and doing stuff. Whenever I bring this up with people, it all stems from their upbringing. So I guess we are all victims now? Come on take control of your life NOW, before it gets out of hand. Sure we all have drinks now and then but when a commercial comes on saying "Do you have problems talking to people in a group" do you go to your DR and get a prescription for Zoloft? Get over it, go outside and breathe some fresh air. Find a hobby. I don't care. Remember the saying? "Drugs are Bad". Tell that to your doctor and have him choke some of those pills down his throat and see how he feels. Really people! Get a grip!

It seems like I have to rant about a lot so I'll stop. If I have offended anyone, I apologize now. I am quite ranty and need a blog to remove this heavy weight from my chest.

Oh I almost forgot to say GO EDMONTON GO! They won their second game against the Anaheim Mighty Ducks! Is it possible to bring the Cup back to Canada after all? Man, I hope so!

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