I Got Nothin....

I have very little to say amazingly. Nothin' much is happening in my life right now.

My hip pain is almost gone. I am pretty happy about that. I can't believe how such an injury can rule your life. Now that it is gone my back pain is back. Gosh, getting old is sad. Maybe I should just get some exercise. LOL

Woke up yesterday and found absolutely nothing to eat in the house. I had to eat peanut butter from a spoon. Pretty pathetic for two cooks living in one space but we both eat at work so we never think about food for the house until we are desperate. We do have quite the collection of pizza boxes from ordering in when we are hungry. We could build a small house with them, or not.

The eaglets in Saanich are fine. Watching them everyday and seeing them grow is pretty interesting. I love it when Mom comes back with a big kill. She brought back a rabbit the other day and the forum went crazy. All these people feeling sorry for the rabbit. I think people forget that these birds are birds of prey and carnivores. Seeing that furry cute little bunny was a wake up call. I wait patiently for the eagles to bring back the local cat with collar and name tag. I love animals but people have to remember that this is the wild and not a tv show.

The Edmonton Oilers play the Anaheim Mighty Ducks tonight in game three. I have to work on my day off to help because of the excitement of a Canadian team in the running to win the Stanley Cup. Although I wish I had two days off, and working on Tuesday cuts into my "Mr. Meister" date with my old pals, I do want to make some more cash. I just hope that the Oilers win again to show them Ducks where hockey came from.

Well, as I ramble on to fill my page, that's it. I got nothin' but I guess I can still blab about nothin'.


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