Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!

It was my birthday May 9th, and it was a pretty good day. At midnight I began my birthday with some jager shots. Peter and I got home and he insisted I open my present. He just wrapped it and I unwrapped it immediately to make him happy. He did well this year, compared to other years where he struggled to buy me something special. I never get my hopes up because so often he misses the whole target.

I was surprised when I saw an iPod nano under the green Christmas wrap he used. You see, my 20GB ipod was stolen in January and I have been without one for awhile. Funny thing is, I won it at Checkers on halloween for the best costume. I never really wanted it, just wanted to win the contest. LOL Once it was stolen, I missed it.....

So after a night sleep, I woke up at 12:45pm with a headache from Mr. Meister. Peter and I wandered off to Stanley Park to see the eagle nest. We wandered around and saw an otter at Beaver Lake. We also saw a bunny at Lost Lagoon.
Paul called me to wish me Happy Birthday and we met up with him at Earls. Soon Bruce showed up and jager began to flow again. I realized that whatever there was is not there anymore. I think having Peter there just put the nail on the coffin of whatever we had. I doubt it will be a regular event anymore but funny thing is, whenevr I saw that, the visits seem to pick up again. I guess with the bar closing and the lack of time to see him, things change. I also think he doesn't like my choice for my new job. He won't visit me at the sports bar in the gay district. Even though it isn't a gay bar, it's "gay friendly" which turns him off. Oh well.

A few friends visited from the old job and more drinks flowed. By the end of the night we were drunk and I was dreading Mr. Meister in the morning. Well, no hangover. Hmmmmmm

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
While walking around the seawall I noticed and enormous amount of sculptures which are quite horrendous. Friends of mine have also discussed this and we've wondered who decides that these sculpture represent Vancouver.
You be the judge.

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