Getting Old....

Well, I woke up a few days ago feeling a slight strain in my hip. Unfortunately, today, I have an extreme acute pain in my hip which turns out to be a hip flexor injury--AKA groin pull. Funny, I don't remember ever playing hockey. Can this occur in my sleep? Did I get hit in an NHL hockey game in my dreams and this is just the remains of a dream?

I looked it up on the internet and I have an ice pack on it. I will go to Shoppers Drug Mart to pick up some cooling gel and extra strength pain killers as I am having a hard time walking. I look like I have a prosthesis under my jeans as I swing my injured leg forward in my wobbly gait.

This injury, unknown in origin, has made me realize how out of shape I am. I knew when I was hiking down the trail on Bowen Island, as my once strong legs, shook with every step down the steep grade. Now with this bizarre injury, I wonder if my body is giving out from simple age. I wake up with back pain a lot, assuming it is from work or from bad ergonomic seating at my computer. I always have some weird pain and I'm never just fine, ever. I guess I am starting to sound like my dad and grandfather, discussing aches and pains, but now I get it.

Last night, in my quest for the Last Call Fairy, I saw a familiar face from my old job. A regular customer that was definitely in a strange area of town for him (I have never seen him in the West End). We invited him in for a drink in our watering hole and reminisced about old days at the old sports bar. It was a nice moment in my painful and hectic day, to see an old friend.


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