Bowen Island...A Trip Away from Urbanization

Wednesday was a glorious day for a day trip, so Peter and I ventured out once again. This time we went back to Horseshoe Bay but jumped on the Bowen Island ferry. We were lucky to get to the ferry on time, as we had to be the last foot passengers to hop on the ferry on the car deck. Blues skies for miles, we sat up front with our coffee and enjoyed the views from the deck of the Queen of Capilano. The mountains looked magnificent with their

snow capped peaks.

When we got to Snug Cove, we wandered toward a trail, meeting up with some gosslings on the way. They were adorable, waddling around with their mom and dad. The trail ahead seemed harmless enough, although the name, Dormans Peak, was a bit daunting. We continued on the trail to realize our legs were going to hurt later, as we climbed in elevation quickly. When we finally got to the top, we were awed by the vistas. We were both out of breath by the time we climbed to the top, and both overheated, so here I am stripped down to my lower layers. The view was amazing and it was all worth it.
On the way down, our legs were very wobbly, and I was hoping my reconstructed knee would hold up with the steep grades we were going down. When we reached the bottom we were tired and hungry so we went to wander the little marina-side town, for some food.

We ended up wandering up another path to an Artisans Corner, where there was supposed to be some new restaurants. Well, after hiking up yet another steep incline, we found the development not completed. The view was amazing though. So we hiked back down and ate at the local Bowen Island Pub. We had fish 'n' chips and beer while we watched the eagles soar overhead, the crows divebomb something in a tree and swallows swooping everywhere for insects. The waitress was nice, a local who had just returned from Australia. She was just getting back into the slow and lazy life of Bowen, something we went to the island to enjoy.

On our way back to the marina we decided to wander over to the Pebble Beach, which was a bit anticlimactic considering our legs were tired from the uphill climbs we did earlier. We met up with more mountain views and a lone swan.

After our beach visit we decided to head over to Doc Morgan's Pub at the marina for a few and found the staff to be abrasive and the pub to be boring. We quickly drank our beer and strolled across the marina to the beach to relax in the shade and cool off. We watched for eagles awaiting the ferry's arrival and enjoyed the view.

We hopped on the ferry at 5pm and headed towards Horseshoe Bay. Our day was complete with a sunburn and tired legs. All we wanted to do was go back to our local pub and watch the Calgary/Anaheim NHL Playoff game. Unfortunately the day turned to down as Calgary lost, and everyone's mood darkened with the denial of the Flames into the next round of the playoffs. In addition, our bartender was in a state of his own. Let's just say, working while high on coke may be fun for you, it may not for anyone you were serving. So we left for home.

I checked on the eagles on the live web cam site. They are still vigilant over the lone egg but the world will soon see an empty nest, as the couple is 30 years old and chances are the toxins from pesticides over their lifetime has caused them to be infertile. Sad but such is nature.

I propmptly passed out after that. : )


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