Thursday, May 18, 2006

Another Sunny Day and a New Discovery...

It is another beautiful, sunny day here in Vancouver and I am stuck inside waiting for my hip to heal. This sucks. I did wake up and make some coffee, have a bath to soak my injury, put a cooling patch on the injury site and sit outside (clothed LOL) on my newly tidied balcony to enjoy the sunshine with my cat, Sebastian, sipping coffee in the hot sun. It was pleasant to say the least.

I did make a new discovery on the dosage of Advil I should take to erradicate my hip pain - 4 x 400mg of Advil does the trick apparently. My pain has subsided for the afternoon. I will redose before my shift tonight at work to be able to work. Hopefully it is a sign I am healing too.

My cat Sebastian, who has hyperthyroidism, has become quite the challenge lately. His dosage of pill is becoming impossible to give to him. I have tried every attempt: by hand, crushed into his food, crushed into cat milk, crushed into pieces of chicken, etc, etc. Well, today, after a barf-fest again, I crushed it into cat milk and syringed it into his mouth. Quite the fight occurred but it went down his gullet. Hopefully he won't barf today again. He will have to go to the vet but at least I got him a new carry case, which looks quite smart and not so difficult to carry like his old plastic
one. That one was the size for a small dog---too big!!!!

He's so thin he looks like Kate Moss! Well, okay, Kate Moss with fur. Perhaps on the next visit the vet can give him something to keep his food down and gain some weight. The good thing is he is happy as can be but always hungry---same as ever!

On another note---Go Oilers Go! I was happy to see our only Canadian team to make it through to the next round in the NHL Playoff. Anaheim is next and I hope they win!!!!

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