Another Day...Another Nachos!

Congratulations to the Edmonton Oilers for winning their first game of the final four of NHL playoffs against the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. Woot! Although I am a Vancouver Canuck fan, I have to cheer for the underdog--last place in the Western Conference to get in the playoffs and here they are going for the CUP. Awesome. At least there was a real sport on at the gay-friendly sports bar I work at, last night! It was packed with a mix of the neighbourhood, all cheering our lone Canadian hockey team to the finals. I felt almost like I was back at my old job--minus 100 more people, the beautiful servers and the Robson Street mayhem.

I have to admit it wasn't too busy last night at work. I mean at the old place I worked we were busy for the playoffs. We had 3 guys on the line cooking. Here we need two but there is no dish washer, like at my old job, so really one person cooks with a bit of help. Anyways, I think if I saw another order for nachos I would have screamed. That is all everyone ordered and the problem is, it is the messiest damn item to make on the menu. The damn ingredients fall all over the counter and floor, and you always have to sweep up the mess from the Nacho-avalanche. At 12:45am, after doing a million nachos
I announced last call for food. What was the last order, after I had mopped and cleaned everything? NACHOS!!!!!!! The problem then is that when people order nachos they usually have them until every little crumb and green onion is picked off the plate. Thus, I must wait for them to finish eating--2 large plates, side plates, and 2-3 rammekins--to wash. When I have already cleaned the machine, etc, there is no way I am waiting around. I hope they bitch at work today about the busbin left with dishes soaking in soapy water, that was left for them this AM.

I was off work at 1:30am and I made the decision to rush down to the old watering hole for quick last call beer or two. Thank God my hip was feeling better and I was able to make it there in 15 minutes. The icy cold beer was a fantastic ender to the evening. I also got to see a good friend who just got a new job, which I was able to give a good reference for him. Now he won't move back to Calgary, which he was planning on doing if he didn't get the job. It is in his career plans, too, so I am very pleased.

When I got home from the bar, I decided go on-line which ended up being for quite awhile, speaking with a few pals from the starwars chat boards. Had a quick conversation with Vagabond, the Caffinated (Hi Vaga ). As I was speaking to him about my new nocturnal life I noticed the sun was coming up and the birds were chirping. It was 6am! I guess it was time to go to bed. Well, now it's 2:11pm and another day has begun...



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