Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Monday, May 29, 2006

Where Have I Gone?

Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile. I feel bad but I've been busy. I have been working and working and working but finally I have time.

So yesterday my cat, Sebastian, went on a journey to the veterinarian. He
has hyperthyroidism and his Tapazol hasn't been doing it's job. He hasn't been well for a while. Thirsty all the time, diahrrea constantly. I feel like we are living in a petting zoo with the smell all the time. Just disgusting. Well, it was because he won't eat his pill, no matter what I do to disguise it.

The adventure was the long journey to Kits from downtown, by foot, to the vet clinic. I packed Sebby in his new carry case, a red cat carrier that looks like a gym bag with mesh openings, etc. We left at 12:15pm and hiked down to the False Creek Ferries and jumped on the ferry to the Maritime Museum. He was quiet the whole way and calm. Weird because be able to see all the dogs on the beach and the water, may have made him go uggy-buggy. Nope, Sebby was quite the brave traveller.

Got to the vet at 1pm. At the vet he was weighed and found to be 3 pounds lighter than before,
only at 7.5 pounds now. He's lighter than Princess, our other cat (the runt of the litter). Sebastian used to be 15lbs! Well, the disease is taking a toll on his weight and overall health. He had his blood tested and a new topical medication was administered. I am supposed to put it on once a day, in his ear. I tried this morning and he struggled as he does with anything new. He is way hungrier now, but he isn't allowed anymore Fancy Feast or Friskies. Too bad for all those cats when they get older.... I have to try out many different kinds of food for him that is prescription only. I guess both cats will be on prescription food from now on. At least Princess won't be eating Sebby's medicated food (crushed Tapazol pill in it).

In the end , the journey was successful. I saved about $20 on cab fare and only paid $5 for the ferry. His medication seems to be working so far and hopefully our apartment will begin to smell better. The cost of the visit? $197. The total cost of the previous visits and food? $600. Man this cat is like having a baby. Hmmmmmm I can't afford both. LOL

Friday, May 26, 2006

Picking Up Strays....

So, yesterday, I meet my boyfriend at Checkers after work. I am quite used to walking in and seeing him in a deep conversation with someone. I sat down next to him and he didn't even react, understandably because the person was in some very serious conversation. After 5 minutes of this I tap him and he says hello but goes back to the conversation. It's okay because I know Peter to pick up a few strays; he is too nice.

Finally, after I have conversations with other people, filling my time, the woman leaves and Peter wipes his brow as if she was holding him hostage. He explains that she had just lost a pet from sickness and that he sympathized with her. Fine. He was making her feel better as she vented. Then, as I come back from a smoke and a conversation with an old friend, another new STRAY is in my seat. This is a native woman who was staying at the hotel Peter works at. Well, she was quite drunk yet able to carry on a conversation. She was asking about where the casinos were. She was from the Kootneys, which surprised me to see Peter had no idea where that was. She from Creston (Kokanee Counrty) and here on a First Nations Conference and she did not know where Vancouver Island was. After long discussions on geography, Peter decided to volunteer us to walk her back to the hotel (Wha?). So off we went.

Deloris, her name, discovered a disposable camera in her pocket not used up, so we had to pose for pictures. Also a bottle of Sambuca was in her pocket which needed finishing, as her sister in her room does not drink. Well Peter thought that helping her finish off the bottle in the alley was the number one description of being a GOOD HOST of the city. By golly, why don't we give him a medal. After lots of wondering around the gardens at the hotel and photos later, we wandered back to get her to her room. I was sober and they were drunk (they wiped out somewhere along the way).

I take the Ambassodor of Vancouver medal away for this feat by Peter. The Sambucca fuming on his breath, he decided to jump on the windshield of a car parked with its alarm going. I don't think he realized that there was a person in the car, and as I was scolding him and we were walking away she jumped out and yelled at him. I told him that if she called the cops I would not stop them from putting him in the drunk tank. Also, if he gets in trouble for wandering around the hotel with a drunk guest (he being drunk too), not to be surprised!!!!

Do not pick up strays!!!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Things I Love...

There a certain number of things I must have. If I don't have them I don't necessarily miss them but when I get them back, I LOVE THEM!

Genmai-Cha Brown Rice Green Tea

I love this tea because it is the stuff they bring you at sushi. It cures any of my ailments, whether physically curing me with it's antioxidents, or mentally, comforting me and my tummy. No other green tea will do for me. There is a specific taste of the brown rice that changes it drastically from the regular old green tea.


This is my favourite snack food, ever. Again, very comforting to me, and healthy. Salty and sweet all at once. I must have a bag of these soy beans in my freezer at all times. There is no mess after boiling them. Simple and good.


Yes, there must be a form of alcohol on the list. This is the only liquor I like as a shot now. After all the different shots I've had, tequilla being the worst experience, I am pretty content with "Mr. Meister". Although unforgiving at times, Jager is known for it's special blend, and is supposed to do wonders for the tummy. Do not abuse "Mr. Meister" as he will take hostages, although, he can surprise you also by leaving you off the hostage list for no apparent reason.


Mmmmmmm. This is a particular cut of meat I cannot pass up. It is like velvet on the palette. I know it's bad for you with all the marbling of fat, but that's what makes it so good. You don't even need a steak knife with this steak. Deliscious.


When I go out for sushi, I am always overjoyed by a restaurant that has big thick slabs of sashimi. I like tuna, but I have now just changed to wild salmon as my favourite. Some people can't eat raw fish, especially, big honkin' pieces, but I love it. With wasabi and soy sauce. Heaven.


If I'm going shopping, looking for a specific item of clothing or just looking, I have to go to Winners. I will always find something there. It may take a very long time, searching each and every rack, but I have rarely left the store empty handed. Most of my favourite pieces of my wardrobe are from there, and the compliments are endless. "You Have To Go".


When I won my first iPod, I didn't really have any need for it. I wanted to win the competition, not necessarily for the prize. Once I began using it, I quickly found out why everyone has gone crazy over these things. When my iPod 20GB was stolen about 4 months ago, I was disappointed but didn't miss it much, since I didn't pay for it or had it for very long. On my birthday, my boyfriend bought me an iPod nano. I am so happy with the mini version of my original, I would die if it got stolen.

I think that's it for now.....I'm sure I'll think of more to add...stay tuned...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I Got Nothin....

I have very little to say amazingly. Nothin' much is happening in my life right now.

My hip pain is almost gone. I am pretty happy about that. I can't believe how such an injury can rule your life. Now that it is gone my back pain is back. Gosh, getting old is sad. Maybe I should just get some exercise. LOL

Woke up yesterday and found absolutely nothing to eat in the house. I had to eat peanut butter from a spoon. Pretty pathetic for two cooks living in one space but we both eat at work so we never think about food for the house until we are desperate. We do have quite the collection of pizza boxes from ordering in when we are hungry. We could build a small house with them, or not.

The eaglets in Saanich are fine. Watching them everyday and seeing them grow is pretty interesting. I love it when Mom comes back with a big kill. She brought back a rabbit the other day and the forum went crazy. All these people feeling sorry for the rabbit. I think people forget that these birds are birds of prey and carnivores. Seeing that furry cute little bunny was a wake up call. I wait patiently for the eagles to bring back the local cat with collar and name tag. I love animals but people have to remember that this is the wild and not a tv show.

The Edmonton Oilers play the Anaheim Mighty Ducks tonight in game three. I have to work on my day off to help because of the excitement of a Canadian team in the running to win the Stanley Cup. Although I wish I had two days off, and working on Tuesday cuts into my "Mr. Meister" date with my old pals, I do want to make some more cash. I just hope that the Oilers win again to show them Ducks where hockey came from.

Well, as I ramble on to fill my page, that's it. I got nothin' but I guess I can still blab about nothin'.

Monday, May 22, 2006

I See Crazy People....

Today, I decided to peruse the Star Wars Chat thread I frequent so often and found myself in a quiry. Why is it so important to have a high post count, or better yet , to see your name (SN) everywhere. You see, with chat threads on these boards, it is about chatting. Talking about nothing really, but communicating and having fun. I joined in to a thread, not the usual Downtime thread, and found a go getter needing to bump the thread to gain posts to get the thread blocked for the beginning of a new page. You see, when the thread gets to 8000 posts, it gets a bit slow and a new one begins, BUT only if the moderator, GOD BLESS MASTER MIKE AND DARK MOOSE, give the authority to do so. Well, this poster spent most of the time "chatting" about changing the title of the chat thread and goading people into posting lots to reech the limit. Better yet, he tried to start a new page WAY before needed in hopes to change the name, and most likely, to gain the title of originator of the thread.

Now I am pretty new myself, a year in, but chat threads are solely for "chatting" not ownership and entitlement. No matter what the title is on Downtime, we all know where the hell we are and that we are chatting. We are not guided by fancy crap titles to coax us in, or by post count. We are relaxed, us DT'ers, and there is no need to sell the thread. I tried to tell this fellow "chatter" this and he seemed perterbed by the whole thing. But after calm discussion, for avoiding the rath of Moose, I just stopped typing and avoided the poster all together. Best of all, other older more experienced posters questioned the new unauthorized thread origin and are still "chatting" about it now. *EDIT* But now I have just chatted with him and feel better so I have no ill will towards him at all. Man, I have got to get control of this ranting LOL Hi Darth Raven (if you read this)...Sorry for the rant :).

On another topic, my Chef was fired today, leaving me with the anal former Sous Chef in charge. He has been much better lately and I have a bit of an ease about the transition. My job will definitely have more defined boundries than before....Hopefully all will work out.

NACHOS.........still the bain of my existence. I hate them and always will. I think I will never order a nachos for the rest of my life!!!! "I slowly die inside" was my quote when I was making them tonight. I HATE MAKING NACHOS! Nachos to asians are what California Rolls are to asians.....I'm sure everytime I order them they get the same feeling...

Medicated people today. I was in a discussion at Checkers about how too many people are medicated for issues that are easily solved by fresh air and exercise. Okay, a bit extreme, but, I am no Tom Cruise. I have noticed in the last 10 years of working in the hospitality industry, that more and more people are medicated for this and that. A big one is bipolarism. But another and up and coming to top the list---depression. Now, I have to say, there are people who need these prescriptive drugs, but man, not everyone! Come on, when I was unemployed, I took 3 depression tests from good hospitals on-line, and I was borderline depressed and needing medication. What ever happened to getting up and doing stuff. Whenever I bring this up with people, it all stems from their upbringing. So I guess we are all victims now? Come on take control of your life NOW, before it gets out of hand. Sure we all have drinks now and then but when a commercial comes on saying "Do you have problems talking to people in a group" do you go to your DR and get a prescription for Zoloft? Get over it, go outside and breathe some fresh air. Find a hobby. I don't care. Remember the saying? "Drugs are Bad". Tell that to your doctor and have him choke some of those pills down his throat and see how he feels. Really people! Get a grip!

It seems like I have to rant about a lot so I'll stop. If I have offended anyone, I apologize now. I am quite ranty and need a blog to remove this heavy weight from my chest.

Oh I almost forgot to say GO EDMONTON GO! They won their second game against the Anaheim Mighty Ducks! Is it possible to bring the Cup back to Canada after all? Man, I hope so!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Another Day...Another Nachos!

Congratulations to the Edmonton Oilers for winning their first game of the final four of NHL playoffs against the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. Woot! Although I am a Vancouver Canuck fan, I have to cheer for the underdog--last place in the Western Conference to get in the playoffs and here they are going for the CUP. Awesome. At least there was a real sport on at the gay-friendly sports bar I work at, last night! It was packed with a mix of the neighbourhood, all cheering our lone Canadian hockey team to the finals. I felt almost like I was back at my old job--minus 100 more people, the beautiful servers and the Robson Street mayhem.

I have to admit it wasn't too busy last night at work. I mean at the old place I worked we were busy for the playoffs. We had 3 guys on the line cooking. Here we need two but there is no dish washer, like at my old job, so really one person cooks with a bit of help. Anyways, I think if I saw another order for nachos I would have screamed. That is all everyone ordered and the problem is, it is the messiest damn item to make on the menu. The damn ingredients fall all over the counter and floor, and you always have to sweep up the mess from the Nacho-avalanche. At 12:45am, after doing a million nachos
I announced last call for food. What was the last order, after I had mopped and cleaned everything? NACHOS!!!!!!! The problem then is that when people order nachos they usually have them until every little crumb and green onion is picked off the plate. Thus, I must wait for them to finish eating--2 large plates, side plates, and 2-3 rammekins--to wash. When I have already cleaned the machine, etc, there is no way I am waiting around. I hope they bitch at work today about the busbin left with dishes soaking in soapy water, that was left for them this AM.

I was off work at 1:30am and I made the decision to rush down to the old watering hole for quick last call beer or two. Thank God my hip was feeling better and I was able to make it there in 15 minutes. The icy cold beer was a fantastic ender to the evening. I also got to see a good friend who just got a new job, which I was able to give a good reference for him. Now he won't move back to Calgary, which he was planning on doing if he didn't get the job. It is in his career plans, too, so I am very pleased.

When I got home from the bar, I decided go on-line which ended up being for quite awhile, speaking with a few pals from the starwars chat boards. Had a quick conversation with Vagabond, the Caffinated (Hi Vaga ). As I was speaking to him about my new nocturnal life I noticed the sun was coming up and the birds were chirping. It was 6am! I guess it was time to go to bed. Well, now it's 2:11pm and another day has begun...


Friday, May 19, 2006

A New Sport Discovered At The Gay Sports Bar I Work At...

I went to work today at the gay-friendly sports bar thinking there was nothing on the tv tonight to make the night hellish. Well, to my surprise, at 8pm we began to fill up and I was clueless as to what the event was. Apparently I'm out of the loop, whether this is because I am not gay or haven't set my clock to the big event is questionable, but anyways, Will & Grace - the last episode EVER, was on. I wasn't quite sure if this was an appropriate venue, although I did watch the Seinfeld last episode in a sports bar (I went to watch a hockey game) where there were prizes and trivia. I thought this was a bit strange, but the community thought that it was important to gather together, all the Will and Jack-wannabes and their cohort-wannabes, and cry and laugh the last episode away. I understand that the show was a phenomenon, with there being a gay main character, but to waste an enormous part of their lives on fictional characters is beyond me. I say this, after having wasted enormous amounts of time and money on Star Wars, but I would not be found in a sports venue discussing my nerdiness with other openly nerdy Star Wars fans. I would have thought a nice cozy apartment and a martini bar was called for---Karen would have. Well, they laughed on queue and it sounded like a laugh track from the sitcoms of the 70,s shows from past. I was quite awed by the whole thing.

I did experience bad Karma tonight. I was texting a friend about the whole event, making a bit of fun of the gathering, when the chicken strips I had just cooked and sent out, were brought back. They were not cooked fully and they were the owner's. Ooooops. With the 4 extra strength advils, the heat in the kitchen, the whole confusion of the gathering and my boredom with yet another closing shift, I was expecting and not even caring if I got the obligatory euphamism of Donald Trump. Luckily I still have a job (so far), and the night went on.

While I was on my break eating dinner, I was torn between watching my cook look like Rudolf in front of a semi with 4 bills or watch the episode on the tube. I think my little friend from Ontario has been taking advantage of BC's largest export and lost a few braincells on the way. He looked like he was gonna die with the 4 bills he had, so I finished up quick to get out of the the commotion of the sitcom world, which I never really liked anyways.

After work I was surprised by 3 of my old friends and staff from my old job, as they joined us for drinks at the ole watering hole. We reminisced about old times and talked about whether or not we'll ever be happy in our new worlds. It was nice seeing familiar faces again feeling like I was at home.

When I got home, I spent a few minutes laughing at our cats as a huge moth decided it was a good idea to come inside and flutter around the dining room/computer room light. Both cats were running around like maniacs trying to reach the damn thing until my boyfriend caught it. Talk about an easy meal. My cat ate the poor helpless moth in a second as the other looked on jealously hoping for another bug to come her way.

Unfortunately, while I was typing away at this blog, it vanished and I had to start all over again. It's too bad because it was much funnier and now it's 4:43am and my mind is mush. Oh well, your loss I guess. :)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Another Sunny Day and a New Discovery...

It is another beautiful, sunny day here in Vancouver and I am stuck inside waiting for my hip to heal. This sucks. I did wake up and make some coffee, have a bath to soak my injury, put a cooling patch on the injury site and sit outside (clothed LOL) on my newly tidied balcony to enjoy the sunshine with my cat, Sebastian, sipping coffee in the hot sun. It was pleasant to say the least.

I did make a new discovery on the dosage of Advil I should take to erradicate my hip pain - 4 x 400mg of Advil does the trick apparently. My pain has subsided for the afternoon. I will redose before my shift tonight at work to be able to work. Hopefully it is a sign I am healing too.

My cat Sebastian, who has hyperthyroidism, has become quite the challenge lately. His dosage of pill is becoming impossible to give to him. I have tried every attempt: by hand, crushed into his food, crushed into cat milk, crushed into pieces of chicken, etc, etc. Well, today, after a barf-fest again, I crushed it into cat milk and syringed it into his mouth. Quite the fight occurred but it went down his gullet. Hopefully he won't barf today again. He will have to go to the vet but at least I got him a new carry case, which looks quite smart and not so difficult to carry like his old plastic
one. That one was the size for a small dog---too big!!!!

He's so thin he looks like Kate Moss! Well, okay, Kate Moss with fur. Perhaps on the next visit the vet can give him something to keep his food down and gain some weight. The good thing is he is happy as can be but always hungry---same as ever!

On another note---Go Oilers Go! I was happy to see our only Canadian team to make it through to the next round in the NHL Playoff. Anaheim is next and I hope they win!!!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Spring Cleaning....kinda....

I woke up this morning (afternoon) in the middle of our pigsty that we have created. Yes, we have two cats, and yes, we both work nights, but that is no excuse for the state our apartment is in. I have been laid up on the couch for a day and a half, and my hip still kills, but I had to get up and do some cleaning. It was pretty disgusting. Well, my significant other felt guilty, and I knew if I started he would help, and actually helped. He took all the garbage out, vacuumed, and ...well I think that is it other than picking up his clothes. I got to get the dishes done, the bedroom done and kitchen floor. My favourite thing is the patio which we can now go out on and sit in the sun before work. Nice!

It's hard to get out of bed and clean in the day. Especially when you work nights. It's not like we want to vacuum at 4am but late night cleaning is no fun. You see when you work at night it is hard to have a normal day. Most people wake up and go to work, picking up a coffee on the way . Then they come home and do the housework. Well, we get up at noon and wait to go to work--play on the computer, eat, watch tv, do housework, etc--and then go to work. So the day is kinda backwards. The other day my sleep pattern was screwed up because Crow-lapalooaza was going on outside our apartment at 7:30am! Arial displays and everything along with the usual cacaphony of crow conversations. People were even stopping to look up in the tree to see if there was a cat or an eagle in there trying to steal a baby crow from a nest!

I'm still in pain but hopefully I will get better soon. This pain is kind of unbearable. I walk around like Igor. I don't want to get addicted to Advil, although it's not doing much for me. I assume the strain will decrease with time although, I have a hard time resting on it. Oh well, I guess I have to admit age is catching up on me....

Well, that's it for today.....perhaps something more will happen after work... I have to work on my day off to help the other cook. Edmonton plays tonight and we will be busy. There's nothing like seeing him look like a deer in the headlights when more than three orders come in...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Well, a day after my injury and after a full shift, I am still in pain. I am starting to think it is a quadricep strain now as I looked into it more on the internet. With my sports injury background from post secondary education, I should be able to easily diagnose this. Also, I should have put ice on it (RICE therapy--rest, ice, compression and elevation) and not gone out. Not working is out of the question but I was careful and moved slowly and gingerly all night. I work tomorrow so I hope it is better. The pain is pretty bad though.

Other than that I have nothing to say.....other than OWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Getting Old....

Well, I woke up a few days ago feeling a slight strain in my hip. Unfortunately, today, I have an extreme acute pain in my hip which turns out to be a hip flexor injury--AKA groin pull. Funny, I don't remember ever playing hockey. Can this occur in my sleep? Did I get hit in an NHL hockey game in my dreams and this is just the remains of a dream?

I looked it up on the internet and I have an ice pack on it. I will go to Shoppers Drug Mart to pick up some cooling gel and extra strength pain killers as I am having a hard time walking. I look like I have a prosthesis under my jeans as I swing my injured leg forward in my wobbly gait.

This injury, unknown in origin, has made me realize how out of shape I am. I knew when I was hiking down the trail on Bowen Island, as my once strong legs, shook with every step down the steep grade. Now with this bizarre injury, I wonder if my body is giving out from simple age. I wake up with back pain a lot, assuming it is from work or from bad ergonomic seating at my computer. I always have some weird pain and I'm never just fine, ever. I guess I am starting to sound like my dad and grandfather, discussing aches and pains, but now I get it.

Last night, in my quest for the Last Call Fairy, I saw a familiar face from my old job. A regular customer that was definitely in a strange area of town for him (I have never seen him in the West End). We invited him in for a drink in our watering hole and reminisced about old days at the old sports bar. It was a nice moment in my painful and hectic day, to see an old friend.