Saturday, April 29, 2006

Rainy Day....An Eagle Has Hatched

It was supposed to be sunny today but I woke up to see this on my window. Not surprising, living in Vancouver, but disappointing, considering I woke up before noon. No one here complains about the rain very much. We all know that without it the trees would not be green and lush. We wouldn't have such beautiful lawns and wildlife. If you aren't from here, rain is a major complaint. Remember David Duchovny? The rain drove him away and then X-Files sucked.

My head is fuzzy again. The Last Call Fairy was hard to chase since I was working until close. I got to the bar at 1:30am so I had to have 2 quick beers and finish off my night with my favourite shot, Mr. Meister. It is the only shot I will do now, unless of course, it's someones birthday. I will not do Tequilla ever because of the automatic rejection-mode I go into once it touches my lips. Anyways, when I came home, I had to have more beer (rarely in my house--hate drinking at home). Thus, my head is fuzzy, and I would never blame Mr. Meister! I only had one shot and hardly any food.

Good news on the Eagles Nest---apparently one egg has hatched! I am looking at the site right now and I have seen both eggs. One has a little hole in it but the Vancouver Sun link said it had already hatched? I think the footage maybe a loop from earlier in the day, or The Sun was getting a bit ahead of itself. I would go with the former rather than the latter. It will be great to see the eaglets eating from the parents soon, though.

Well, I've got nothin' else to say right now. I guess I'll have something later.

A new report states that it was a false alarm and shots of the nest actually showed a feather attached to an egg. So I guess we are still waiting.......

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