False Alarm....and Possible Bad News

The Province stated today the eagle hatching was a false alarm. People are becoming worried over the incubation time for the eggs according to the forum at the site. They are starting to think that the eggs aren't viable as it is going past the due date. That would be quite disappointing after such a great live feed set-up. At least I can tell the male and female apart now. The female has a bushier "hair-do".

Last night was definitely strange. I think everyone was out to get drunk. I had two weirdos stick their heads in the pass window while I was cooking, looking completely obliterated. Also a woman at the local watering hole (where the Last Call Fairy resides) was completely
hitting on me and Peter, in search of a threesome. She was quite forward about everything she talked about and was clearly disappointed about missing out on her booty call with some guy who had called her on her cell phone. Everyone seemed weird.

I made some delicious soup with left over roasted chicken and frozen vegetables. I'm gonna go eat some now.


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