Sunday, April 30, 2006

False Alarm....and Possible Bad News

The Province stated today the eagle hatching was a false alarm. People are becoming worried over the incubation time for the eggs according to the forum at the site. They are starting to think that the eggs aren't viable as it is going past the due date. That would be quite disappointing after such a great live feed set-up. At least I can tell the male and female apart now. The female has a bushier "hair-do".

Last night was definitely strange. I think everyone was out to get drunk. I had two weirdos stick their heads in the pass window while I was cooking, looking completely obliterated. Also a woman at the local watering hole (where the Last Call Fairy resides) was completely
hitting on me and Peter, in search of a threesome. She was quite forward about everything she talked about and was clearly disappointed about missing out on her booty call with some guy who had called her on her cell phone. Everyone seemed weird.

I made some delicious soup with left over roasted chicken and frozen vegetables. I'm gonna go eat some now.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Rainy Day....An Eagle Has Hatched

It was supposed to be sunny today but I woke up to see this on my window. Not surprising, living in Vancouver, but disappointing, considering I woke up before noon. No one here complains about the rain very much. We all know that without it the trees would not be green and lush. We wouldn't have such beautiful lawns and wildlife. If you aren't from here, rain is a major complaint. Remember David Duchovny? The rain drove him away and then X-Files sucked.

My head is fuzzy again. The Last Call Fairy was hard to chase since I was working until close. I got to the bar at 1:30am so I had to have 2 quick beers and finish off my night with my favourite shot, Mr. Meister. It is the only shot I will do now, unless of course, it's someones birthday. I will not do Tequilla ever because of the automatic rejection-mode I go into once it touches my lips. Anyways, when I came home, I had to have more beer (rarely in my house--hate drinking at home). Thus, my head is fuzzy, and I would never blame Mr. Meister! I only had one shot and hardly any food.

Good news on the Eagles Nest---apparently one egg has hatched! I am looking at the site right now and I have seen both eggs. One has a little hole in it but the Vancouver Sun link said it had already hatched? I think the footage maybe a loop from earlier in the day, or The Sun was getting a bit ahead of itself. I would go with the former rather than the latter. It will be great to see the eaglets eating from the parents soon, though.

Well, I've got nothin' else to say right now. I guess I'll have something later.

A new report states that it was a false alarm and shots of the nest actually showed a feather attached to an egg. So I guess we are still waiting.......

Friday, April 28, 2006

Good Morning....or rather Afternoon!

I have a new job and have been working there for 2.5 weeks. It's definitely been a bit of a change since I worked at my other job for 6.5 years. The biggest change is the time I work. I used to be a day person. I worked in the morning and was used to going to bed before the sun started to creep over the horizon. Now I am working nights. I have shifted my whole lifestyle forward by 8 hours.

Peter, my boyfriend, would drive me crazy with his lack of housework, all stemming from working late nights. "I don't want to wake you up when you are sleeping!" This was his excuse when explaining why he doesn't clean up at night. Now we both work nights and I find it inappropriate to vacuum at 4 in the morning, especially for my neighbours. I never understood my employees that used to stay awake until 8am when they worked at 4pm. Well, now I wake up at noon and have to force myself to get anything done.

This time change has opened my eyes to the whole hospitality alcoholism connection, too. When you work at a restaurant until it closes, you go out to have a couple of drinks. The unfortunate thing is (fortunate really) Last Call comes a lot faster when you start drinking later. In turn, this makes you drink faster to catch up with the crowd and then you get drunk FAST. I have had a few fuzzy "mornings" lately just because of this. It can't be good chasing the Last Call Fairy after work and drinking at home, in the mess you still haven't cleaned up from forever ago, is just no fun. I now understand all the late night drinking get togethers that I missed out on working days.

I wonder if it's all worth it?
Okay, I just had to clean up a bit and it looks a bit better. :)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Lazy Day...

After the big day trip yesterday, I feel extremely lazy. Slept til 12:30pm and I work at 6pm to 1am. Yawn. I am currently surfing my bookmarked pages. Watching the eaglecam, which isn't working well today (is it me?). We have the messiest apartment in the world and we are too lazy to clean it up. Seems like the cats have taken it over.

Oh well, I'm sure I'll have more to say tomorrow.

Day Trip!!!!

Well, after a night of drinking, I must say, I am surprised that I survived the day at all. Tuesday night I was supposed to met some friends for some beer, some hockey and hopefully some Jager. Well, after some shopping I met up with my buddies. The night was okay but unfortunately, the one friend, whom I have a bit of a crush on, had to leave after only two beers. At least I got the money he owed me and he looked pretty good in shorts and flip flops... The other one had to leave too and was replaced with another buddy. I drank with him until the end of the game, after which I discovered my possible drunkenness....I wandered down to meet my boyfriend and continued drinking. We decided that we should go on a day trip to Sechelt the next day, meaning an early start. I made a promise to do this, and somehow I also remember us talking about throwing out our only form of birth control and try to get pregnant. Interesting what people say when they are drunk.

Woke up the next morning feeling like crap--surprise
, surprise! Got dressed, guzzled some juice, vomited, brushed my teeth and off we went. I ate a chocolate bar on the way to the ferry and decided chips were my next bit of nourishment. I also wondered why BC Ferry employees are using my taxpayer's dollars to build this?

On to the ferry we go. The weather was getting worse. Great! The lunch was questionable--the best thing was the coke I guzzled. The scenic photos were quite grey but I guess the fresh air did me some good, considering I was feeling better.

We get to Sechelt and it's raining! Yeah! We wander around for about 2 hours and see loads of eagles, plenty of clouds and the beautiful backdrop of the town. The bottomless gravel pit made eons ago from a glacier. Apparently gravel is shipped all over North America from here.

After this bit of wandering we hopped on a bus to visit Gibsons, the place where The Beachcombers was filmed. We went for beers and hockey next door at Gramma's Pub. I also ate some calamari with some horrendously garlicky tzatziki. I still taste it in my breath! Then we were off back home.

Although the travel time totally out weighed the actual touring time, we got out of the city. We had a pretty good time and spent the day together. I also kept my promise of doing this day trip....

....Now about that other drunken suggestion we made? Hmmmm.....We'll see.

Monday, April 24, 2006

I Wanna Soak Up The Sun......

It certainly is a great day to start a new blog spot. It is a beautiful day in Vancouver, my boyfriend and I finally were intimate after months of staleness, and I am getting more and more comfortable at my new job. The best part is, I don't have a hangover. Working night shifts, after being a day person for the past 10 years, is definitely an eye-opening, and beer guzzling event. I now understand the need to drink faster so as not to get caught by the "Last Call Monster" before you've had your fill. No wonder so many people in the hospitality industry are alcoholics.

Unfortunately, the problem with this beautiful day is that I have to work tonight. Don't get me wrong, I like my new place of employment. Although, it is much slower than the previous restaurant I worked at, the people are nice and it's nice to work with a mix of people as opposed to just women out front and men in the kitchen. I am now working on Davie Street, so the mix of staff ranges from gay guys to straight women. It's great and it reminds me of the fun people at Granville Island so many years ago. As with all new jobs, there is always one or two bad things there. My sous chef, whom I am replacing, is more anal than anyone I have ever met. He is so negative it made me look at how I managed a kitchen in the past. I thought I was a negative person until I met him. There is a dark cloud over him all the time, no wonder he is leaving.....but when? It's nice to know that everyone there enjoys my attitude better than his.

If I wasn't working I would be out looking for the the recently reported 200 bald eagles nesting in our urban world. I have been addicted to the eagles nest from Hornby Island ( ). The two eggs are due to hatch anytime and I am waiting patiently for the day there are two little chicks in the nest. The eagles are fascinating to watch and it is interesting how they communicate with each other.

I also, would be in search of the notorious beaver that has been doing his own redecorating at Lost Lagoon. There are trees being gnawed down by this monster rodent. We saw him once only and I think it was the first time that I saw a beaver live in front of me. It was pretty cool. I once let go a couple of pet turtles that I owned but grew too big to keep in an apartment. I love to walk around Lost Lagoon counting the ancestors of my beloved turtles, or maybe they are the actual turtles I owned? There are the sneaky raccoons showing off for visitors, too. The herons are back with a vengeance also, nesting by the tennis courts in Stanley Park. There must be over 100 nests there, and the park has built a new fence to save the area for the beautiful birds.

Well, I must be off but hopefully this will be a daily thing, so keep tuned.